Gamer Part 1

8 Jan

UPATED 9PM 12/1/12

I’m counted as a gamer, but not as a professional one. Most kids love to play games, right? So do I. But I play notable multi-player games.

Club Penguin

The first game I played was Club Penguin. The story began way back to 2006, that’s almost 6 years ago, when our household got our first Internet Connection. (WooHOO)  When my sister and I surfed the net, she stumbled on to the now very-famous game website Then I saw a game at the “Hot Games” section that named “Club Penguin” and I used my cute voice and asked my sister to click it because of the thumbnail of a cute penguin.

We signed up a penguin with the name ‘Tootpic’, a pun of  ‘toothpick’. That was my sister’s idea because I couldn’t thought of a better or unique name. I remember that first day I played club penguin and I just found the Sun Pin coincidentally in the Book Room above the coffee shop.  I was so proud that time too.

Club Penguin also have a feature called “membership” where they need to pay a certain amount of real money to become it. Members can buy clothes, accessories, decorate their igloo and more. Last time I always yearn to become it and always begged my sister to convince mum.

When I think back of the situation now, I always ask myself why I’m so naive. Screw those membership items and features. I have more rare items that members’ clothes cannot beat.

#1 Game view of Club Penguin in the town. The town got a coffee shop, night club for dancing and a gift shop for buying clothes.

My penguin is the one with a blue circle underneath.

And I usually on crowded servers, or sometimes depend on my mood lah.

#2 My penguin’s player card.  I usually put a Malaysia Flag and The Old Penguin Band background, a somewhat rare background in CP. FYI, that was Club Penguin’s 17th background.

I didn’t knew that it was that rare and popular that many penguins yearned for it (laughs). But too bad, the CP team confirmed that this background is unlikely to come back because the penguin band changed members.

I also wear a ice crown, red bandanna and a lollipop. But sometimes I also wear  a pair of Festive Maracas and perform in the lighthouse at the drum.

#3 My penguin small thumbnail. In-game appearance.

#4 Facts about my penguin. She just celebrated her 2020 days’ old birthday. (Y) 🙂

#5 Upcoming event – the Underwater Expedition starting January 26th. WOOHOO!! TAKE A BREATH THEN, WE’RE GOING UNDERWATER!

#6 The conch shell pin, newest collectible hidden pin.

I’m trying my best to be active at this game and to attend every event. VERY. That’s all for CP.

Above texts were all based on my experience and opinions. Thanks.


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