New Discovery!

30 Jan

I can say it is fate that I found this thing. If I never followed my sister go there, if I never went to Sunway Giza’s Vita Care shop… *continuing with the ‘what if’ thing* wtf

My new discovery was Pinhole Glasses! Pinhole glasses was said to improve eyesight, but it reduces brightness and peripheral vision. And instead of glasses, two black opaque plastic thing with tiny little hole poked through were placed at the frame.

Pinhole glasses have been marketed by various companies on the claim that—combined with certain eye exercises—they could permanently improve eyesight. Skeptics argue that no scientific evidence has been found to support them.

No Cure, No Harm

The main criticism against pinhole glasses is that they have not been proven to cure eyesight problems as claimed by some, not that they are harmful (unless used improperly: in the sun, when driving).

They do make images temporarily clearer – not by changing the eye but through optical effects (depth of field) outside the eye. Conventional medical opinion says that when the pinhole glasses are removed, vision returns to how good or bad it was previously. Just like conventional lenses, there is no permanent improvement.

People who are experiencing eye-strain or who are otherwise dissatisfied with conventional glasses, can try out pinhole glasses for themselves.

Thoughts: When I first wear it, I was like wow… a brand new world in front of me!  The sight that I saw was very clear, but with some space between each small holes, it’s quite hard to adapt it at first.

Overall, it’s a dream come true – seeing clearly without using glasses with dioptres.

Above info starting from the third paragraph were from Wikipedia and
Can Pinhole Glasses Improve Bad Eyesight by Yuen Kit Mun.

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