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Stop SOPA!

20 Jan

The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) is a law (bill) of the United States proposed in 2011 to fight online trafficking in copyrighted intellectual property and counterfeit goods.

If the bill passed, all online information sites at the USA is illegal. Than that means no more Wikipedia and online game cheat sites! Even Youtube will be greatly affected! That’s very bad news.

Help share the news to prevent the bill from being passed! Give a helping hand!


Colony of weaver ants

13 Jan

UPDATED 20/1/12

Weaver ants are very common ants in Malaysia. They are always mistaken by locals for ‘fire ants’  because of the colloquial name in Malay is semut api that bite people. But the truth was that the fire ants are a different genus to weaver ants and are harmless to people.

Weaver ants make nests in trees made of leaves stitched together using the silk produced by their larvae. During the day before yesterday, mum found a colony of them at the plants in front of our house and she was very furious.

She threw them into the drain and my sister was like ‘AHH’ and cannot do anything about it. My sister then try her luck to find another colony of them. After a long find, she found two colony, one big and a small one.

My sister stored the big colony in two long water bottles, both connected to each other. I enjoy seeing them crawl over the leaf and over the bottle, it’s like NATGEO in front of your very own eyes! I’m sooo excited. *blushes*

We reared them for approximately five days. The ants lived because my sister gave them food (honey, ants, CENTIPEDE) and water. Later that, we put them to free at a tree not far from our house.

#1 It’s the insect version of squeezing glue from a bottle.

This adult weaver in Australia holds a silk-producing larva in its jaws, spreading the larva’s sticky secretions to bind leaves for the colony nest.

Few animals match such intricate homemaking techniques.

(A weaver ant holding a larvae.)

#2 As weaver ants build a nest in Malaysia, they must pull one leaf toward another.

A long body—about a third of an inch—is a boon, as each ant grabs on to adjacent leaf edges with feet and jaws. If one body isn’t sufficient, the insects interlock to form chains.

(Weaver ants work together building their nests. That’s what you’ll see in my photographs too. It’s like Nat Geo in your hands!)

Photography by Mark W. Moffett, captions courtesy of National Geographic website.


Gamer Part 1

8 Jan

UPATED 9PM 12/1/12

I’m counted as a gamer, but not as a professional one. Most kids love to play games, right? So do I. But I play notable multi-player games.

Club Penguin

The first game I played was Club Penguin. The story began way back to 2006, that’s almost 6 years ago, when our household got our first Internet Connection. (WooHOO)  When my sister and I surfed the net, she stumbled on to the now very-famous game website Then I saw a game at the “Hot Games” section that named “Club Penguin” and I used my cute voice and asked my sister to click it because of the thumbnail of a cute penguin.

We signed up a penguin with the name ‘Tootpic’, a pun of  ‘toothpick’. That was my sister’s idea because I couldn’t thought of a better or unique name. I remember that first day I played club penguin and I just found the Sun Pin coincidentally in the Book Room above the coffee shop.  I was so proud that time too.

Club Penguin also have a feature called “membership” where they need to pay a certain amount of real money to become it. Members can buy clothes, accessories, decorate their igloo and more. Last time I always yearn to become it and always begged my sister to convince mum.

When I think back of the situation now, I always ask myself why I’m so naive. Screw those membership items and features. I have more rare items that members’ clothes cannot beat.

#1 Game view of Club Penguin in the town. The town got a coffee shop, night club for dancing and a gift shop for buying clothes.

My penguin is the one with a blue circle underneath.

And I usually on crowded servers, or sometimes depend on my mood lah.

#2 My penguin’s player card.  I usually put a Malaysia Flag and The Old Penguin Band background, a somewhat rare background in CP. FYI, that was Club Penguin’s 17th background.

I didn’t knew that it was that rare and popular that many penguins yearned for it (laughs). But too bad, the CP team confirmed that this background is unlikely to come back because the penguin band changed members.

I also wear a ice crown, red bandanna and a lollipop. But sometimes I also wear  a pair of Festive Maracas and perform in the lighthouse at the drum.

#3 My penguin small thumbnail. In-game appearance.

#4 Facts about my penguin. She just celebrated her 2020 days’ old birthday. (Y) 🙂

#5 Upcoming event – the Underwater Expedition starting January 26th. WOOHOO!! TAKE A BREATH THEN, WE’RE GOING UNDERWATER!

#6 The conch shell pin, newest collectible hidden pin.

I’m trying my best to be active at this game and to attend every event. VERY. That’s all for CP.

Above texts were all based on my experience and opinions. Thanks.


First Day of School: WHAATTT?

4 Jan

Seriously, seriously, my reaction for the first day to school is WHAATTT? Firstly, I’m very unlucky today because my mum stopped the car in front of the school gate and got caught by the discipline teacher. Because the teacher’s car was cars behind my mother’s. (!!!) And yes, she called me and scolded me in front of everyone and she also warned me. I’m don’t really care, because I don’t have mood to put it on my heart today… Weird, right? Better don’t do this next time.

The second thing was, the prefect that changed classes with me took the initiative and find me. At first she said “Sorry.” but I don’t get her meaning. Later she explained “I changed class with you.” and I understood. I asked her the reason why but she wouldn’t budge. But later she just said “I’m one of the teacher’s children.” and went away. WHATTTTTT.

One of my former classmate  complained that there were many teachers’ children in the A6 class. Fine. I don’t care who’s who but his kind of system to put all teachers’ children in one particular class is !$%&%. That’s the not-fair thing happening in my school because during registration day, I’ve witnessed it. Parents (or teacher at a particular school) put a small note at the form they’re supposed to fill up saying something “XXX ‘s child or XXX ‘s student”. Seriously this is getting a habit of all parents and the school itself.

Third thing:

All he talk is about PMR results the previous years and the school vision and mission, which he said this to the whole crowd of new students and parents during orientation day. Basically he’s repeating the same thing twice. Oh come on!

I’m still not used to my new class yet, maybe because I don’t know almost half of them -__-

UPDATE 6/1/12: FELL SICK for a day!!!

(To boss)  Not really 😛