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Happy New Year 2012

1 Jan

In my last post I said that I’ll be counting down for new year at KLCC or Bukit Bintang, right? But there’s a big change of plan. Mum drove us to TBS, or Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (Southern Bus Terminal), at Bandar Tasik Selatan to fetch our father from Singapore. The time was already 11.46 p.m.. While in the car, father called us. He said that the bus station is going to put fireworks so he asked mum to stop the car up the slope.

I looked at the time, it’s already 11.53 p.m. but we still need about 15 minutes to reach the bus station. I started to get nervous and put on my poker face grumpy face. It’s 12.oo a.m. and the fireworks at the bus station started! We’re still on the way there but we get to see the beautiful fireworks bloom in the sky. We reached there and saw our father there, waving to us. We got down the car that mum parked up the slope and admire the fireworks. But I did not smile. 2012 only meh, I don’t care.

#1 A truck broke down at the traffic light at Jalan University near Jaya One.

Fixing jobs were still conducted but mum said it’s there already when she came back from Jalan Gasing.

#2 Fireworks! Haha no lah. It’s just some workmen along Jalan University fixing something using a drill, causing yellow and orange sparks to fly out. (Y)


#4 It’s 12 a.m. and we’re still in the car. The fireworks bloomed at the bus terminal. Aww its a sad thing that we did not witness it from the start to the end.

I was wondering why a mere bus station will put fireworks when my father said:

“Because it’s new.”




#7 The best shot my sister took.

Everyone even stopped at the slope to admire the fireworks. And boy, they were many policemen controlling the traffic. Even journalists came too. My sister said:

“Aiya! Why don’t I go in front of the slope and get interviewed and captured by them? So I’ll be on the newspaper.”

TROLL. “Me gusta.”




The fireworks lasted approximately 10 minutes, the same duration as KLCC, according to my father. After the fireworks, we went to ss2 to have supper.



New Year’s Eve

31 Dec

A year passed!  It’s 2012, the dragon year. I’m maybe going to KLCC or Bukit Bintang for the countdown fireworks party. Feeling excited!

Happy New Year’s Eve!

My star sign is Aries. Below is how Aries will do in 2012!

Horoscope 2012 Aries

horoscope 2012 aries(March 21 – April 20)

Horoscope : GENERAL

A return to harmony is announced, this year. You will feel a desire to prune all that is useless in your life. You will have to act especially on this level there, to go on in the right direction. Your realism is stronger, which comes owing to the fact that you start a new jupiterian cycle which will facilitate the wheels of all your projects. The course of your life slackens through the most painful daily newspaper and especially its aspects. Your entourage, more reconciling, supports you more. And you return to them well! The changes of last year carry out you towards more freedom, with the daily newspaper. This is ideal to reinforce your most expensive bonds.


Your professional life evolves in lower part, this year. Seemingly all is calm, serene, regular. But actually it is woven many changes, which will hatch in September to start. And which next February, will progress notably. You will need to start to consider a change of career, a specialization, but whatever it is, a desire of progress mingles with your actions. If you have an artistic profession, your inspiration will be tormented but powerful, here the moment to express what is deeper in you! The industrial relationships gain in-depth, in spite of the divergences which will not miss this year…


The course of your emotional life is stabilized, this year. After the tornadoes of last year, you will be able to taste more serenity! You will not miss immediate reactivity, but you will be able to channel best. Your energy spontaneously will allow you d’ to have some lengths d’ advances. Bad interpretations of last year are not any more than a bad memory. You understand the relational wheels best. If you are single, your meetings will be impressed of harmonize, of common ideals, of fraternity. Your friendly life supports your loves, more than ordinary. The impulses of Mars will support moments of intense passion, that your libido will follow without problems! If you are in couple currently, this is really the moment to dialogue openly with your partner. The messages circulate easily, you will be received five out of five. With you to bring closer more to your partner, you will facilitate your communication. Displacements will be related to your love life. You will do lot of mileage to join the elected official of their heart! Whatever your current location, you will be able this year to concretize many your hopes in this field, provided that you accept to largely open your heart and to show you as you are.


The material questions this year are highly facilitated. You will not fail to aim just to address to you to those which can open doors to you. Indeed, the powerful Jupiter aspects, Mars and Mercury as well will bring to you a current of chance concerning cash. This is the ideal moment this year to start your company, to plan to change work, or to claim this than one owes you, even for a long time. You will have facilities to show you reasonable in front of the windows… Except for those which you like! All that touches with the commercial transactions and research related to profits is favoured. Do not hesitate to announce your talents, humility will not bring back anything to you.


The astral tendencies of this year more encourage you to be sharp in your judgements. The impulses of Mars, your main planet reinforce your expression, even while remaining passive. You will have to make an effort of diplomacy to attach your impulsiveness, which tends to being the first, your door word. Of course, you must listen to your desires, your needs but also, you must compose with reality and the temperament of your interlocutors to be able to render comprehensible to you and to find the means; to reach the realization of your desires. The aspects of Mercury, Jupiter and Venus will create situations which require your share a catch of retreat and reflexion. Do not decide anything final in the fire of your requirements, of your needs, this is by making an effort of reflexion of calm mental which you will come to end from situations which could quickly become complicated.


Your energy will know tops and bottoms this year. These variations will depend particularly on your emotional state. Your sensitivity, sharper than ordinary, is likely to take much to you; energy if you plunge to see the things under an alarmist angle, even if in all objectivity, the situation is not. Resist temptation to create domestic dramas for trifles, like making your requirements of the laws impossible to circumvent… Anger is not good adviser and leaves afterwards you without energy, you know it already. The first three months the planetary impulses of the year push you to spend enormously energy through the services rendered to your entourage. You will need to cut you world in end-of-day, do not hesitate to disconnect your telephone !

Above info courtesy of Divinologue website. For more horoscopes, you can visit their website.

Christmas Eve

23 Dec

Christmas eve is one of the best night ever. The countdown to Christmas is always a very grand celebration with fireworks and spray snow and all that. People cheer and wear Christmas hats and outfits. The street will be filled with people. They sing songs, make street performances, and blow bubbles. It won’t snow but the atmosphere will be very great. After you’ve seen almost six sentences I wrote, it’s what happened at the streets of Bukit Bintang, KL, when I’m almost 6 years old.

And why I’m still here, typing this blog post and not go have fun? Right. Since many years ago, my Christmas eve is at home, doing nothing, or maybe surf the web. #foreveralone.jpg *Rolls Eyes*  Nevertheless, I don’t even care about Christmas eve many years ago.

Three years ago, I spent Christmas eve at my cousin’s home. You would think that I had a great time, a magnificent time, right? But the truth isn’t that. You would see me crying. It’s the worst day of my life. I don’t want to live here, I thought every night since that incident*. I don’t want to be looked down, I don’t want to depend on them! I was quite young that time, so I don’t have the courage to tell my mum that.

Well, I don’t want to talk further about that. So forgive me. I don’t receive presents from Santa Claus or anyone every year. I’m fine with that. But I really hope that I can have a great Christmas Eve this year.

🙂 Gdnite.

Neighbourhood Cats

22 Dec

Cats. Adorable animals. Most of my childhood times were spent with them (with my sista). But, they were lorong cats (literally called stray cats). This story is divided into two parts. The first part is about the former neighbour of ours, a malay lady, alias cat woman. The next part is about lorong cats.

Malay Lady (alias Cat Woman)

That time, our neighbour was a Malay lady, with highlights of some brown hair at the front of her head. Her original hair colour was black, and there’s some sign of ageing white hair.  Afar, it looks like her hair was multi-colour. She wore loose purple sarong every time we saw her. That Malay lady also had a white Volkswagen Beetle.

Here comes the point, her house is like an animal shelter. Oh my, look at the cats at her house! I can say there’s at least 10 of them. The cats can freely go out at dawn and come back at dusk. They do not fear her at all. She feed them food daily. We always watched her from the pagar (fence) of our house, looking down at her cats. Our house is somewhat higher than that lady’s house.

In my memory, she seldom talk. I don’t remember she talked to us before, nor we talked to her.  Sometimes, our badminton shuttlecock will accidentally fell to her courtyard. We don’t have the courage to ask the lady to give us back, so we let it like that. But the next day, the shuttlecock was at the outside of her gate. I got it easily, but I never thanked her. I just quietly respect her in my heart.

[My sister recalled that the Malay lady once asked us a question with a  smiling face. “Want to play with the cats?” I never remembered that but my sister insisted that she truly said that. ]

Years passed, she moved away. We never knew where she lived now. There’s no sign of her. She disappeared. The cats once lived at her house left. But my father said she lived down the street, houses away from us. I don’t believe it, because her beetle wasn’t around.  Wherever you are now, Cat woman, I want to say thank you, and I miss you dearly.

Lorong Cats

There’s a small alley at the back of our house. We locals call them lorong. When you’re at our lorong, you’ll be amazed at one sight – they’re cats everywhere! (At least in the past, but not now) Cute ones, fat ones, kittens…  At there, we’ve grown fond of three cats: Assassination, Blackie and Ginger.

Assassination was our most favourite. It was somewhat an average aged cat that time. He’s (or so) a brown cat, a mixed breed. (Ok, all stray cats were mixed right??) We like him, and he’s also fond of us. We feed him with meat from mum’s dishes we can find, always with bits of chicken or pork.  Although he’s a stray, we’ve also created history by luring him into our house’s living room. But when inside, it gone nervous and started darting at one spot. My sister quickly let it out.

Blackie was a normal black cat but it’s quite energetic. He love to pick on other cats, a cat that stir up many troubles. All the cats weren’t  his opponent because he always won those fights. He once slept at the topmost of our staircase at the back door, which I found it in one morning. When I opened the door, he din’t seem to be awake. The sun shine at his black fur, which glowed in the morning sun.

Ginger was the quiet one. It has golden fur. He’s fat cause’ he loves to eat. Eat. Eat. EATT. Can’t say more about him because I really don’t see him a lot. He loves to hide, a very mysterious one. But of course sometimes I saw him, but he’s with another cat. (!!) Not so sure. 😉

One day, we had a big plan. The plan was using a long fishing line with a rubber tied at the end of it to lure the cats to come up our ten-step staircase. “Get set, GOO!” My sister yelled and she threw the fishing line out of the back door to the lorong. There were  few cats there. One was attracted by it. We swung the fishing line in circles, and the cat also followed it, playing with the rubber attached with it. Slowly, we lead it up to the staircase, and the cat haven’t noticed it had fallen to our “trap”. And up one step by the time, the cat finally reached us in close sight [the tenth step, or the final metal board]! And there it was, eyeing us with bulged eyes. It was soo cute!! I recall it was a playful white cat, with some black spots at it’s face. Mission succeeded.

One night,  I opened the back door and was amazed to find almost 17 cats gathered there. Three kittens at the staircase. They eyed me with glowing green eyes. About 10 adult cats at the scattered around the alley. I was like… 0.0 wah why tonight so many cats here de. I thought about it all night and soon drifted of to sleep.

Assassination, Blackie and Ginger disappeared. But sometimes I saw Assassination, now a very old cat. He forgotten me. But I’m always happy to see him. The old ones were gone, but of course new ones came! Cats from everywhere, a few streets away. Now, the cats were no longer hanging around directly at the lorong back of our house. They usually gather further up of the lorong. But once in a blue one or two cats will pass by our house, which always caught my attention. LOL 🙂


Will tell you guys the story about a dog next time. It’s a real tragedy. Time to sign off.