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Cons of Orientation Day

26 Dec

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If you don’t know what’s orientation day, it’s a day you welcome the newcomers in the school. Basically it’s the day the newcomers get to know the school environment, history, administration and rules.

After the conversation with my sister, I found out that having an orientation at school is super duper pointless. The newcomers of the school can explore the school many times they want as they will be receiving their education for five years at the same place. (Malaysia’s education scheme for secondary education is five years, mind you) 

As for the school rules and history, teachers can explain to them during the study time or leftovers time when school starts.  There’s no need to call newcomers to come to school a day during the holidays to explain to them. Who would love to come anyway, and it’s in the morning. Hell! Need to wake up early some more, no fun at all. (Grade 7 or Form 1 to Grade 8 or Form 2 in Malaysia are afternoon session)

It’s a waste of electricity, man power, energy, water and many other resources. Not a very wise choice. 😦

Electricity – In the hall: LCD screens, lightings, the PA systems, air-conditioners. And various places in school.

Man power – Security guards, teachers-in-charge, prefects, students who were performing (the school band and the oriental music club), school administration workers and janitors

Energy – Man power’s energy

Water – At various places in school.

My school’s orientation day is on the 28th of December, that’s the day after tomorrow. I need to go help out something. Ugh! Time to sign off, goodnite. 🙂