It’s been a while

10 Sep

No, it has been four long years. Hello there, I’m back here to peek for while although actually I’m in the midst of my trials. I’m also very relieved to find that although left untouched for a long period of time, everything is still the same here.

Four years. Wow. I had many blogs back then but normally I don’t post new entries there and just leave it in an ‘abandoned’ state. I cannot do the same thing for this blog because this will remain as my permanent base, since I still adopt the pseudonym Winged Puff (wow I’m actually talking crap

Anyway, life is still the same for me since the past four years.  Although, for me, the years back then seemed very distance and unreachable. Currently, I’m still wandering towards the depth of ACG field, an avid cat lover, and still loving myself. Luckily, the future is full of unimaginable possibilities and chances, it it clearly up to me whether to grasp it whenever a spark is ignited.


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