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New Discovery!

30 Jan

I can say it is fate that I found this thing. If I never followed my sister go there, if I never went to Sunway Giza’s Vita Care shop… *continuing with the ‘what if’ thing* wtf

My new discovery was Pinhole Glasses! Pinhole glasses was said to improve eyesight, but it reduces brightness and peripheral vision. And instead of glasses, two black opaque plastic thing with tiny little hole poked through were placed at the frame.

Pinhole glasses have been marketed by various companies on the claim that—combined with certain eye exercises—they could permanently improve eyesight. Skeptics argue that no scientific evidence has been found to support them.

No Cure, No Harm

The main criticism against pinhole glasses is that they have not been proven to cure eyesight problems as claimed by some, not that they are harmful (unless used improperly: in the sun, when driving).

They do make images temporarily clearer – not by changing the eye but through optical effects (depth of field) outside the eye. Conventional medical opinion says that when the pinhole glasses are removed, vision returns to how good or bad it was previously. Just like conventional lenses, there is no permanent improvement.

People who are experiencing eye-strain or who are otherwise dissatisfied with conventional glasses, can try out pinhole glasses for themselves.

Thoughts: When I first wear it, I was like wow… a brand new world in front of me!  The sight that I saw was very clear, but with some space between each small holes, it’s quite hard to adapt it at first.

Overall, it’s a dream come true – seeing clearly without using glasses with dioptres.

Above info starting from the third paragraph were from Wikipedia and
Can Pinhole Glasses Improve Bad Eyesight by Yuen Kit Mun.

Two days one night stay @ Genting Highlands

28 Jan

Went there at 14th Jan. Supposed to be a three days two night trip but because of some stuffs we went back home one day early. Another reason was I had school on Monday and it will be a real hurry from GH to my school.

I never took pictures during the whole trip so sorry to my readers lah. This post will just be a shitty load of words and stuffs.

14 Jan, 2012

In the car getting ready to go. It’s the umpteenth time I’ve been there so there’s nothing to be happy and fuss about. Just ate fruits in the car for lunch (very kesian.) Reached there at about 4pm. Took my luggage and our colony of weaver ants out. My sister and I planned to let it free here.

We booked a hotel at Maxims Genting. We thought it’s a suite but it’s not. It’s just a premier room. Genting would not be so ‘generous’ to give you a suite because it’s just a complimentary hotel room. And also there’s no breakfast much to my father’s distaste.

There were two single beds and a 42 inch plasma TV in the hotel room. It’s not that grand but it’s okay for a hotel room at Genting. There’s no more ‘Genting Hotels’ as all the rooms at the ‘Genting’ building were now called ‘Maxims’.

It’s the Taiwan Election Day so we switched on the TV to watch the results. There’s one Taiwan channel that broadcast the poll results and news related to it.  The fight between Ma Ying-jeou and Tsai ing-wen were very sengit as their votes were very close. As everyone knows, Ma Ying-jeou won and serve for another term at office as president for Taiwan.

After that, my sister and I went for swimming at the indoor heated  pool near the indoor theme park. We were told that there’s only 30 minutes left for the opening hours. We were not affected by that as I never swam for a looooong time. I had a great time there and learned some techniques for swimming with your head out the water. (WHAT’S IT CALLED?)

Went back to hotel room and watched NatGeo channel, Discovery channel, Wah Loi Toi and many other channels like hell. HOW I LOVE ASTRO CHANNELS!!! My house never subscribed to Astro and I only get to watch them once in a blue moon. I ♥ them! My #addiction.

It’s time for dinner and we went to the Kopitiam (Food Court) at third floor of first world plaza. My sister and I ordered a Tom Yam soup noodles from the Chinese stall. It’s awesome and recommended for those who hadn’t ate for a day because there were many noodles + seafood (prawns, squid) + meat (chicken) + vege + many other shit, I mean food. Very worth it. (But I could not finish it. TOO MANY. T.T)

Wanted to watch movie but doesn’t feel like it so we just went back to the hotel room to sleep.

15 Jan, 2012

Woke up early the next day. Went to the door to see if there’s any newspaper hanging outside. When I took it and saw it’s Sin Chew Jit Poh, I screamed in delight in my heart. After putting down the newspaper, I went back to sleep. Woke up again at about 10.30am. Read the newspaper and watched television.

So boring. And we’re going back today. WHAT CAN I SAY LEH?


Fine. After packed all the stuffs and thrown them in the car, we went outside to have a walk. It’s so darn cold and I kept myself warm by breathing with both of my hands covered at my mouth. My father kept laughing and laughing at me and said that this temperature cannot compare with the one at China.

Fine. I was numb from head to toe that time so the coldness I’m feeling now was the same in China. I don’t know why – but it’s just the same. 19 degrees or -30 degrees.

My sister said she breathed mist but I don’t believe it. We humans only breath mist at 1 or 2 degrees Celsius, right? But when I see her breath from a different angle, I SAW MIST CAME OUT FROM HER MOUTH. wth? An unsolved mystery.

We delayed so much time and we only go back to KL during the night because we were watching TV. I love the ‘How Evil Are You?’ show by Discovery Channel. See you, Astro.


Things to say

27 Jan

There are so many things to talk about the CNY I had. I’ll summary up one by one in detail.

22/1/12 (CNY eve)

1) 1pm – On the way to my father’s hometown in Pekan Jabi, Segamat. Saw my first police road block along the Kuala Lumpur – Seremban Expressway that leads to the SMART Tunnel. The police were doing their job, carrying out the Ops Sikap to prevent road users from breaking the rules and ensure safety on the road.


2) It’s smooth along the way but traffic was slow from Seremban to Nilai. The duration was about 15 minutes.

3) Saw a small hill with many big natural rocks on it in Gemas, Negeri Sembilan. Failed to capture a picture of it. It’s very spectacular.

4) Passed by the Natural Feedlot Corporation in Gemas too. But I failed to see how it looked like. 😦 That company is the one that caused a lot of commotion in Malaysia owned by the husband of Minister of Women, Family and Community Development.

Her family were alleged of misusing the public fund granted by the government for the corporation’s development. They used it for luxurious cars and travel instead.

5) Reached Segamat at about 4pm. Ate reunion dinner at Koko Tree restaurant at 8pm. My father’s household is a big one so we occupied 5 tables, each table sat approximately 10 people .

List of dishes:

  • Leng Pen (冷盆)
  • Cabbage
  • Prawn
  • Steamed Tilapia Fish
  • Fried Chicken (No bones)
  • Ostrich meat (Not sure if it’s true or not)
  • Cuttlefish (Sotong)
  • Yam Basket
  • Longan dessert (龙眼甜品)

6) A magnificent fireworks set off during midnight by the neighbour at the front street. But it’s slightly later this year and the fireworks that neighbour set is much lesser.

7) Received angpaos from second uncle’s wife and fourth uncle. Curious why they started giving angpao during CNY eve.

23/1/12  (First day of the first lunar month or first day of CNY)

Received angpaos from all the uncles. Went to the usual 2 houses to ‘bai nian’ and take angpaos. But I just go there to eat and drink. Haha. Ate some weird biscuit from Thailand, prawn crackers and drank chrysanthemum tea, sea cucumber tea and Ribena. #likeaboss.jpg Before going back to grandmother’s house, our family went to the shrine to pray for good blessings.


Mum’s back pain worsened. Left grandmother’s house at 1pm. Reached KL. Clean the house and clothes before going to popo’s (maternal grandmother) house (7.42pm). It’s almost 11pm when we reached there at Menglembu, Perak. Popo’s watching Dicey Business that time. Learned that gong gong (maternal grandfather) went back with yiyi (aunty) to KL to treat his unknown illness.


1) Ate noodles at feizai’s. I bought a pink shirt with frills and ribbons. My father bought 艾炙 stick + re-fillers for RM70 at the market. (LOL)

2) Tried to fly our kite in evening outside the house and at the road, FAIL.

3) Mum went to have  a gathering with Shirley and her other friends.





Chinese New Year’s Atmosphere

21 Jan

The school is playing CNY songs during recess time and everyone were like THE SCHOOL IS GOING ON  A MORE TRENDIER PATH? It seems like good idea to promote Chinese New Year. -_- But you know that during recess time, it was so noisy already and you still wanna play songs in a maximum volume mode? Ridiculous. For those who wanted to have some concentration reading or doing homework or whatsover, will be grumbling. Yeah right, good work.

When come to CNY, people will be rushing back to their hometowns to reunite with their family and loved ones. And here’s one tip – don’t rush and drive at maximum mode to go back because your loved ones will be waiting for you no matter what. You don’t really want them to cry over your dead body, right?

Another great thing about CNY is food and ‘angpaos’ (or Red Packet, is a monetary gift which is given during holidays or special occasions.) You have Mandarin Oranges, Yee Sang, Nian Gao, noodles, fish, sweets and many more cuisines. But I love Egg Roll the most, it’s called ‘Kuih Kapit’ by locals.

(Go Google for pictures. Thanks :))

Many children love to receive red packets during CNY because it’s a great opportunity to ‘earn money’ for them. The delightfulness of receiving money is hard to describe. It’s a mixture of happy and just happiness of I CAN BUY THE THINGS I LOVE (but not me, duh). I also love to collect red packets because of the beautiful designs on them.

I’m not sure if I’m going back to my father’s hometown but I can be sure that the CNY this year will not be a happy one as expected because of alot of grumblings and all.