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Purple romance by Winged Puff

Mermaid Melody fanfiction. Story set after the final battle. One-shot between Subaru and Karen. R&R.

Normal POV.

At the depths of the Antarctic Ocean, a purple coloured palace could be seen. It’s appearance is somewhat similar to the Taj Mahal, but with more architectural sense and bigger. A purple aura rages from the palace, like the only glowing purple star in the dark night sky. Inside of the palace, purple mermaids swarm around in the courtyard, some busying in the kitchen. The palace is much more like a kingdom, where all the purple mermaids live.

In the royal room, a mermaid with light purple long hair, with curls at the end of it, purple eyes, sat on the throne which is a light purple shell.

Her name is Karen, the purple mermaid princess of the Antarctic Ocean. She is destined to be the mermaid princess of the Antarctic Ocean out of the other six seas, like her ancestors do. Karen’s task as a mermaid princess is to ensure the safety of the ocean, so that the peace of it wouldn’t be harmed. She also had a purple pearl, which equals to her life, kept safety in a small light purple shell she’s wearing.

After the final battle with Mikeru, which she joined to help Lucia and the others, Karen went back to her kingdom. Days after days passed slowly. Her kingdom’s restore jobs were fully done by her servants, which lead by her most trusted counsellors. And now she is on the throne, somewhat bored. She looked around the large room with high ceilings. Purple everywhere. Three of her close servants stood aside her, and there were some royal mermaid guards stood by the royal door.

“I want to go out to the land…” Karen murmured. There’s nothing to do here, she thought. She deal with small stuffs everyday, and her servants just wouldn’t let her do some chores just because she’s a princess. “No, no. Karen-sama, we’ll do it.” She heard that sentence hundred of times already, all said by her servants. All mermaid servants of the Antarctic Ocean had a motto, Serve Karen-sama with full dedication, which very much to her frustration.

The royal door opened. The royal guards led them inside. Two mermaids came in. When Karen saw them, she overjoyed. It’s Noel, her twin sister. She was slightly older than her, the mermaid princess of the opposite pole, the Arctic Ocean. She hugged her sister tightly as she had never saw her some time already. Another mermaid grinned when she saw the scene.

Her name is Coco, a mermaid princess of the South Pacific Ocean. She has blonde, long straight hair and yellow eyes. She’s the most energetic of the three. Coco smiled.

“What brings you guys here?” Karen asked them. “There’s quite some time we hadn’t met, have we?” She said. Karen missed them dearly. She knew that their kingdom’s restore jobs had also finished, so they’re free now.

“We just met on the way,” Coco shrugged. “And why don’t we go and visit Lucia and the others?” She suggested. It’s quite some time they hadn’t met. And most importantly,Coco wanted to see how those three lovey-dovey birds are doing. Lucia and Kaito, the romantic ones; Hanon and Nagisa, the daring ones; and lastly Rina and Masahiro, the cute ones. I also want to have a boyfriend t00, Coco sighed.

“Sure, let’s go now.” Noel and Karen agreed. Karen went to inform her three close servants. After all the fuss of “Karen-sama you can’t go to the land now!” Karen finally got through it by convincing them. After their agreement, Karen, Noel and Coco took off.

It’s quite a long journey from the Antarctic Ocean to Japan, but eventually they made it somehow in a day, of course with some stop over’s and rest. When the trio appeared at the entrance of Pearl Piari hotel, they were greeted warmly by Nikora, the hotel owner, and the sister of Lucia in the human world.

“How surprising! Coco, Noel, and even Karen!” Nikora said. Meanwhile, Lucia, Hanon and Rina came out. They saw the trio at the entrance and were happy to see them. They helped the three with their luggage, as they will be staying here as guests again for a short time.

“How are things going with your boyfriends’?”Coco asked Lucia, Hanon, and Rina, giggling. Lucia and Rina blushed, but Hanon just smiled and said “Just fine!” honestly. They brought Noel, Karen and Coco’s luggage to their room, then the six of them went downstairs.

“Where’s Seira?” Noel asked. She looked around and can’t find her.

“She’s in the living hall,” Lucia replied.

Karen and Noel went to the living hall, and saw Seira sitting on a red couch, watching the television. Judging by the looks, it’s the news. Noel’s wondering why Seira is watching news as they mermaids has nothing to do with the human world. It seemed that the news broadcaster is interviewing a special guest. They joined in with Seira and each of them drunk a cup of tea.

“So, how are the research going on, Subaru-san?” The news broadcaster asked the special guest.

The guest is a man with straight chestnut coloured hair, which lengthens until his neck. He had light blue irises and he wore a white tee-shirt with an orange star at the middle of it. Judging from his appearance, he’s somewhat twenty or older.

“Goes fine. The group had also found out that…”

Karen dropped the teacup she’s holding. She trembled. The one on the television is Subaru! The researcher and also an explorer whom she met at Antarctica during the iceberg incident, which actually caused by the Black Beauty Sisters’ doing. They became close friends during his stay there.

After that, he went home because his research ended. Subaru actually asked her if she wanted to come home with him, but she refuses to. Karen clearly knows that a relationship between a man and a mermaid would not stand a chance. After that, Karen missed him deeply because her affections to him were not only as easy as close friends.

“Karen?” Noel and Seira turned to looked what caused the commotion. Lucia, Hanon and Rina came over to see what happened too. The teacup broke into small fragments on the floor. They saw Karen looking blankly at the television.

Noel shook Karen lightly and she recovered with a slight surprise. “Sorry.” Karen said and she quickly cleaned up the mess she caused. Lucia and Hanon came to help her while Rina went to take some old newspapers to wrap the fragments. After cleaning up, Karen went back to her room to rest.

What am I thinking? Karen thought as she lied down on her bed. Romance between a mermaid and a human is a “no”. But then why Lucia, Hanon, and Rina still fell in love with them? Then maybe love is a strong thing that every living being cannot resist. The power of love is invincible. Soon Karen calmed down and she went downstairs.

Her other friends were having tea break now. There were juice, fruit parfait and some cookies. Karen joined them but she did not chat with them. Then suddenly the doorbell rang. Nikora went to get the door while saying “Coming!” whole-heartedly because it’s not the holidays now, and it’s rare to get guests.

Karen followed Nikora as she had a feeling that someone she knew came. Nikora opened the door and a man came in sight, holding a luggage in his hand. “Welcome to Hotel Pearl Piari!” Nikora said, smiling.

Karen gasped. It’s Subaru-san! The man smiled and said “Thank you. Can I book a room now?” Nikora said okay and went to the counter to place a booking for the guest. She then help him with his luggage up to his room. Subaru turned and saw a girl was standing at the doorway. A surprised look spread on his face as he truly recognized her.

“Karen-san…?” Subaru drifted away. Karen went closer to him. She hugged him without thinking. Karen suddenly cried because she missed him so much. Tears  dropped on Subaru’s chest. When Karen stopped crying, Subaru looked at her and smiled. She quickly let go of him.

“How are you?” He asked her. Karen looked at him and hesitated for a while. What if he doesn’t have feelings to her? What if he had a girl friend already? These thoughts suddenly swirled around her head.

“I’m…I’m fine.” Karen said, suddenly nervous. “Sorry. I got your shirt wet.” She pointed to his shirt but Subaru just smiled and shook his head.

“Never mind. It’s just a small stain.” He said. “And why don’t we stroll along the beach to admire the sunset?” He took Karen’s hand and she blushed while the two of them walked slowly to the beach.

The sun was at the horizon, waiting to completely disappear in the darkness. The sky was a colour of crimson red with some orange, purple and blue. Clouds collided together as a blend of the sun’s colour. The glistening waves of the sea brushed across the sand. Subaru and Karen walked slowly along the sea’s waves.

“When I went back home, I thought a lot about you,” Subaru said as he look at Karen. “And I knew I can’t live without you. Will you be my girlfriend?” He held her hands, squeezing it tighter as he said.

Karen didn’t know what to say. Her eyes suddenly filled with tears. He loved me, she thought. I…I don’t know what to say. Love is forbidden between mermaid and humans but… I really loved him too

Karen looked into Subaru’s eyes. There’s only sincerity there. Maybe we could try. “Yes.” Karen replied him. Subaru hugged her as the sun completely went down the horizon. The stars could be seen twinkling in the night sky as the round moon brightened the beach. The couple kissed each other.



(Forgive me. I’m better at describing but sucks at conversation. Or the other way round, I don’t know XD) 

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