To Some Madam

2 Feb

To some Madam:

I’m just guessing why you swapped my place in that particular class to another class with your daughter’s.

Maybe the teachers in that particular class is good and teaches well.

Maybe you thought that the teachers in the class your daughter’s supposed to go is not so good.

Well, I saw my name before on your desk before and everything make sense.

You never taught me, so why you write my name there?

There’s something I don’t get that time.

And now I know why.

You’re one of the teachers that manage the class partition for Form 2.

So you can put your daughter in a class with better teachers.

That makes twice not fair for me, you know.

I heard that the particular class teachers gave ‘heavy’ work.

Yes, I don’t like pressures. I have my own way.

But I still don’t thank you for exchanging classes with your daughter.

Because the teachers teach well in that particular class. That’s the point.

That means I’m the one that loss.

Teacher’s child have privilege?

Boo. I don’t take that.

Just a kind reminder – don’t think you’re a teacher so you can manipulate the list of class partition that’s fixed. That’s a very selfish action. Yes, I’m just a minor student in school, so what? That’s my hard earned fruit.

Your daughter’s strength is not good as mine, and that’s not my problem. Her priority is first just because you’re a teacher? Pathetic.

Everyone is the same in school – no matter you’re who’s daughter or son. The country’s president or just a worker in a company.


A  Form 2 student from a cluster school in Malaysia.

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