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Chinese New Year’s Atmosphere

21 Jan

The school is playing CNY songs during recess time and everyone were like THE SCHOOL IS GOING ON  A MORE TRENDIER PATH? It seems like good idea to promote Chinese New Year. -_- But you know that during recess time, it was so noisy already and you still wanna play songs in a maximum volume mode? Ridiculous. For those who wanted to have some concentration reading or doing homework or whatsover, will be grumbling. Yeah right, good work.

When come to CNY, people will be rushing back to their hometowns to reunite with their family and loved ones. And here’s one tip – don’t rush and drive at maximum mode to go back because your loved ones will be waiting for you no matter what. You don’t really want them to cry over your dead body, right?

Another great thing about CNY is food and ‘angpaos’ (or Red Packet, is a monetary gift which is given during holidays or special occasions.) You have Mandarin Oranges, Yee Sang, Nian Gao, noodles, fish, sweets and many more cuisines. But I love Egg Roll the most, it’s called ‘Kuih Kapit’ by locals.

(Go Google for pictures. Thanks :))

Many children love to receive red packets during CNY because it’s a great opportunity to ‘earn money’ for them. The delightfulness of receiving money is hard to describe. It’s a mixture of happy and just happiness of I CAN BUY THE THINGS I LOVE (but not me, duh). I also love to collect red packets because of the beautiful designs on them.

I’m not sure if I’m going back to my father’s hometown but I can be sure that the CNY this year will not be a happy one as expected because of alot of grumblings and all.



First Day of School: WHAATTT?

4 Jan

Seriously, seriously, my reaction for the first day to school is WHAATTT? Firstly, I’m very unlucky today because my mum stopped the car in front of the school gate and got caught by the discipline teacher. Because the teacher’s car was cars behind my mother’s. (!!!) And yes, she called me and scolded me in front of everyone and she also warned me. I’m don’t really care, because I don’t have mood to put it on my heart today… Weird, right? Better don’t do this next time.

The second thing was, the prefect that changed classes with me took the initiative and find me. At first she said “Sorry.” but I don’t get her meaning. Later she explained “I changed class with you.” and I understood. I asked her the reason why but she wouldn’t budge. But later she just said “I’m one of the teacher’s children.” and went away. WHATTTTTT.

One of my former classmate  complained that there were many teachers’ children in the A6 class. Fine. I don’t care who’s who but his kind of system to put all teachers’ children in one particular class is !$%&%. That’s the not-fair thing happening in my school because during registration day, I’ve witnessed it. Parents (or teacher at a particular school) put a small note at the form they’re supposed to fill up saying something “XXX ‘s child or XXX ‘s student”. Seriously this is getting a habit of all parents and the school itself.

Third thing:

All he talk is about PMR results the previous years and the school vision and mission, which he said this to the whole crowd of new students and parents during orientation day. Basically he’s repeating the same thing twice. Oh come on!

I’m still not used to my new class yet, maybe because I don’t know almost half of them -__-

UPDATE 6/1/12: FELL SICK for a day!!!

(To boss)  Not really 😛


Partition of Class

30 Dec

The new school year’s gonna start, so the partition of class is necessary. Most of the classmates of mine split heavily, because I think the person who’s in charge of this is very cruel and cold-blooded. <_<

I’m going to form 2 (or grade 8) next year. There were 14 classes in form 2, likewise. The ‘A’ classes, from class A1 to A6. The ‘B’ classes, from class B1 to B6. The ‘C’ classes, from class C1 to C2. Altogether there’re 14 classes, 6 ‘A’ classes, 6 ‘B’ classes and 2 ‘C’ classes. But during my sister’s year, there were only 5 ‘A’ and ‘B’ classes respectively, with 4 ‘C’ classes.

I was divided to class A6 originally, but they swapped places for me with another prefect in class A5. So, now I’m in class A5. I was like… What the hell? How could they changed class for me without my permission? I’m die-hard now to wait for school to start to ask the people-in-charge why.

A big majority of my former classmates went to class A6, that’s the sad thing. But I don’t really mind who’s going to the same class as me next year, hopefully not with a bunch of freaks and show-offs.

My best friend is going to Singapore next year, which she told me yesterday during our chat. She’s going to a not-renowned school there. This friend once told me that she wanted to go to Nanyang Girls’ School, but judging by the looks of that, she failed the entrance test to Nanyang Girls’ School. She’s not as intelligent as me (poker face), that’s the fact.

My sister said that her actions were all pointless since the school I’m studying now had more fame at international stage and more better than the school my friend’s going in Singapore.

Why spend money on something useless? I also thought the same thing. But I think that maybe her parents wanted their child to be “Singapore-educated”, in many ways, though. Because my friend’s dad and mom is the Alumnus of NUS (National University of Singapore).

My sister said this is very superfluous. Why don’t they (the parents of my friend) get married there, become citizens of Singapore, live there and raise up their children there?  Why all fuss of coming back to Malaysia then? She said. That made quite some sense.

Now I just want to find out why I’m being swapped places with another prefect. NOW!! Time to go, bye. 😀